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Climate change is the greatest threat to humanity, perhaps ever. Global temperatures are rising at an unprecedented rate, causing drought and forest fires and impacting human health.


Climate change is a global problem. The planet is warming because of the growing level of greenhouse gas emissions from human activity.


It makes a big difference to recycle. It makes a big difference to use recycled products. It makes a big difference to reuse things, to not use the paper cup – and each time you do, that’s a victory.

Global Environmental and Climate Conservation Initiative (Global ECCI) is an independent global campaign organization that aims to be a global leader in environmental and climate conservation with a view to ensuring a healthy environment and ecosystem balance for sustainable development.

What We Do


—What is the campaings massage?

The main message of the campaign is that simple daily choices, like turning up the air conditioning or leaving a tap to drip or a light switched on, have a direct impact on climate change. This message is translated into the slogan, “You control climate change.


— Who are trying to reach with this campaigns?

This campaign is a one step in a longer, continuous awareness-raising process. At this first stage, we primarily target those citizens who only sometimes make an effort for the environment. 


—What was the inspiration for the campaign theme?

The creative idea for the campaign was simple. We want to establish that things people do everyday, like setting the thermostat in their home, have a direct impact on climate change across the planet. Therefore “you control climate change” 

Impact Stories

“The challenge of pollution and global warming is no longer the science, or the rate of innovation, but the rate of implementation: We have the clean solutions; now let's bundle them and install them.” - Jens Martin Skibsted
“I hope to use my celebrity to motivate people and contribute to moving our global society back from the brink. I am surprised environment is not at the top of the agenda. What is more important than good and clean air?” - Don Cheadle